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The Way I See It... From the Desk of Ed Kilgore

I'm Baaaack! 

I’m Baaaack!  Ed Kilgore Joins The BIG WECK!


Is retirement great or what? Plopping down in my bigass leather chair in front of a huge  screen that’s way too big for the room and drives my wife crazy, but that’s Heaven. Deb’s a Yankee fan (watched with her dad) so we compromise.  Sports events, Netflix, Amazon Prime and some I don’t even know what they are. Did we sign up for that hon?  Oh. YouTube, which is actually my favorite, especially staying updated on the daily discoveries coming from the James Webb Telescope that can see 13 billion years into the past. Mind blown.


But the Buffalo Bills amazing success story in the Brandon Beane / Sean McDermott/ Josh Allen era has awakened something in me. WECK owner Buddy Shula reached out to me to join The BIG WECK for weekly previews and commentaries focused primarily on the Bills right now, and when West Herr Automotive Group – my first choice – agreed to sponsor this, it was a no brainer.  I’m IN.


The Monday Night matchup against the Tennessee Titans will be an extremely physical game, and because it’s on the national stage and Josh still dreams about that failed qb sneak a year ago, just accept the fact he’s gonna be aggressive and tote the football.  Is this really a bad thing?


 Well, there’s this.

According to a 2020 study by FilmStudy’s Sarah Ellison covering all 32 team’s qb play over the past 10 seasons, qb’s that scramble or run designed plays the most, are injured (meaning miss games injuries) less than the group as a whole.  Quarterbacks who don’t run are injured less than anybody, but the bottom line is that running qb’s are not at more risk of injury.  Lamar Jackson, for example, is an exception to the study, and doesn’t auger risk for the group. The fact he had a 79 yard TD run vs the Fins must mean he’s feeling better, not to mention getting richer, but we digress.


Allen is a competitor like few others, which does occasionally mean he does something dangerous or head scratching.  But that’s what he is, and McDermott knows this as well as OC Ken Dorsey. Another factor in this is Allen’s 6-5, 245 body.  He’s as big as most linebackers and is also tough as nails.


Having said this, Bills fans can only hope it’s not necessary for Allen to have designed run plays as part of the game plan, but even if that’s true, if it’s 3rd and two in a close game mid 4th quarter, #17 is very likely to welcome the challenge.


It’s gonna be interesting to see how the Titans defend against Allen, after breaking down films of the Ram’s game.  They have to be ready for Allen to use his legs a lot, but the Rams game was a bit different because of the hype surrounding the game etc.  The Monday Night setting, at HOME no less, makes it likely this will happen again.


The Bills are 10 point favorites at home against the Titans, who were stunned by the Giants 21-20 in Nashville last week. This might be too many points to give, although the Bills should win this one. The Giants Saquon Barkley racked up 164 yards averaging over 9 yards a carry in that game, and the Bills don’t have Barkely.  The Titans do have Derrick Henry though, and the Giants held him to under 4 yards a carry with no TD’s, something the Bills would agree to right now.


A lot of people are high on Ryan Tannehill, who was pretty good with 266 yards, 2 TD’s and no picks.  But the Bills usually find ways to rattle him, and the Monday Night crowd and improved Bills pass rush could make it a tough night for him if the Bills can get an early lead. The Bills won’t have DT Ed Oliver available against the Titans, but the Bills D-line depth means there shouldn’t be a big dropoff.


The Monday Night crowd at Highmark Stadium will be a decibel level ear drum breaker.  The Bills are everybody’s Super Bowl favorite coming off a 3 TD win AT the defending SB Champion Rams.


Final score:   Bills 31, Titans 24


We’ll recap the game right here.  




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